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Ice or Heat for Pain – Which is Better and Why

Ice vs. Heat – The Epic Battle! You’ve just sprained your ankle, felt a strain in your back, or had an unfortunate fall. Do you apply ice or heat? Heat might be the most comfortable of the two but, which

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Keep your Back Healthy at Work!


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8 Tips for Better Posture

  Stand up straight! The advice our fathers gave us growing up still holds true today. Research has proven that good posture creates confidence, makes us appear more attractive to the opposite sex and promotes better breathing. We also will

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Foot Specialist approved pedicure

We asked our chiropodist/foot specialists in Milton and Burlington for some tips to get your feet spring and sandal ready!   Stay positive, Spring will soon come! As we look forward to the warmer weather and hope to say goodbye

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Top 4 Stretches for Low Back Pain

Back pain is the worst! Treatment for back pain of course will vary on the specific cause of it, but here are some general tips you can try to help relieve back pain fast – Check out our top 4

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